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Getting a cake for a wedding or event can get really stressful. However, what if we told you we have a team of professionals who are here to make sure you get the perfect cake that way you don’t need to worry so much. Here at MG Weddings, we are here to help you! Our wedding vendors are the best in Florida. Check out the best catering Miami has to offer today!


Consider This When Choosing Your Cake

  • Find the Right Baker
    • Shop around. Try to find someone who is open to your ideas and style, but who is also within your budget. Try asking your friends or even your caterer for recommendations. Before meeting with a baker, check the website and see his or her portfolio, so you know what to ask and what you’re getting into. When meeting with the baker, ask about his or her experience and ask to see a portfolio. Make sure the photos in the portfolio represent the work of the current staff to guarantee the level of experience. Explain the time and place of the wedding, and discuss the decorations, colors, your dress, themes, and bring swatches of fabric. If you think you’ve found the right one, book them as soon as possible. Keep in mind that some bakers book up to a year in advance.
  • Express Yourself
    • Personal style and taste are key when selecting a cake. Make sure the design matches the theme or color scheme for the wedding and/or reception. You want people to look at your cake, and for it to be a reflection of you and your groom. The cake can be fun, classic, silly, elegant–whatever you are. Take this opportunity to express yourself and your relationship through the art of the cake. You can even personalize the flavor of your cake. If there are two flavors that you and your spouse-to-be love, it could be possible to combine them. With this recent trend in combining flavors, you can get anything from chocolate-hazelnut to coconut-lime.
  • Budget
    • The more complex the cake, the more expensive it’s going to be. If you have multiple flavor combinations, a certain type of icing, ornate designs, large additions, or handmade detailing on the cake, you should expect to spend a lot more than the base price.


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