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It is integral to our philosophy to develop a unifying vision for every event we create. We believe that it is crucial that there is one point person who has an overview of every element of an event, to ensure that each event has a cohesive feel, a consistency. It is this consistency that strengthens the aesthetic and experiential aspects of an event, and therefore the overall impression it will have on the guests. wedding decorator miami

We view every event like a theatrical production, in that each guest is being moved through various acts where sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch can be uniquely simulated. When each of these sensory experiences is carefully orchestrated, the result can be magical and memorable.

Whether you need design advice for a single table, lounge area, or your entire event, we can take your initial vision and create something you didn’t know was possible. This includes using the right furniture, linens, lighting, stationery, and more to create the perfect setting for your wedding. Looking for “wedding decorator Miami” has never been so easy!


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