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Are you prepared for your wedding? The time is almost here. Luckily, you already have almost everything in order. With the help of MG Weddings, we are here to ensure everything is perfect, especially when it comes to catering. One thing that may be resting on your mind is what happens if you ordered too much food. Does it all go to waste? Trust one of the best Miami catering companies to help you prevent wasting food to save you money.


Miami Wedding Caterer Advice

Food is almost always the main attraction at any event, but did you know that what goes uneaten is the single largest contributor to the trash system? And when it decomposes in landfills it creates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Yikes! The good news, however, is that Florida has a goal of diverting 80% of solid waste from the landfills.


Ways To Save Food From Miami Catering Companies

There are measures you can take to support that process:

  • Be Proactive. When planning an event, ask your event manager or wedding planner to help with researching organizations in the community that will pick up leftover food. Oftentimes the idea of donating food from an event is an afterthought, which results in it being tossed. Plan ahead and make arrangements in advance. Organizations such as Food Rescue and Nourish Now are two that we recommend.
  • Be Mindful. The average person consumes 1 pound of food at each meal yet hotels and large events are setting out food, especially on buffets, that feeds the average person 3 pounds of it. In an effort to avoid ordering too much, seek less variety of food and higher quality when creating your menu.
  • Be Supportive. Planners and venues should be active in the contract discussion about food quantity and resources available to clients. Together we can help care for our environment and raise awareness at the same.


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Getting married is a joyous and exciting time to celebrate a union between two people. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a memorable experience with an extra special catered affair for friends and family. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to guide you through every stage of the planning process to craft a perfect day for a personalized and inspired celebration. MG Weddings is the best wedding caterer in South Florida because we recognize that each and every couple deserves our full attention to create an expressive and beautiful event that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.


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Do you already know what type of food you want to be catered at your wedding? How will it be served? If you are conflicted, we have just the advice you need. We are here to help! You can count on one of the top Miami catering companies. At MG Weddings, we are a Miami wedding caterer who knows precisely what you need to make the special day one you will never forget. Call or contact us today for more information. We offer the best Miami wedding caterer.