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For many of your guest, the best part of the wedding is the part when they get to eat. But what style will you choose? Are you leaning more towards a buffet? Or do you prefer a sit-down dinner? At MG Weddings, we want to make sure that your special day is perfect and that everyone will enjoy it. We offer wedding catering Miami.


What Will You Decide?

The ceremony has ended, and not everyone is ready to eat! It is time to celebrate the new couple with a reception and delicious good! You have booked the venue, the band, and the getaway car, however, did you think about the food? But how will you decide to serve the food: buffet style or sit-down dinner? Both options come with pros and cons. There are different variables that must be considered when deciding between the two. Budget, size of the reception venue, and the tone you want to set for the event should be taken into account.


What Method of Wedding Catering Miami Will You Choose?

  • Sit-down dinner
    • A sit-down dinner is probably the most cost-efficient options for serving food at your reception. Because you have a confirmed headcount, you can work with the caterer to determine exactly how much food to buy. Most wedding dinners offer an appetizer, main course, and dessert; guests usually have the option of choosing a protein for the entrée like chicken, beef, or fish. A sit-down dinner is the most formal, traditional practice. This choice gives family and friends a chance to make wedding toasts and speeches to congratulate the new couple. It also gives the night a specific schedule—from cocktail hour to dinner to dancing to the send-off.
    • Table settings must be taken into more consideration with hosting a seated dinner. If your caterer does not offer amenities like table linens or silverware, you will have to rent them, which can add up quickly.  It’s also important to have enough servers at the dinner so guests will not be kept waiting too long for plates to be delivered and cleared between courses. Centerpieces and other table décor can be pricey add-ons as well. Sit-down dinners limit guests to conversing only with the others sitting at the table during this portion of the reception. It also separates the bride and groom from the majority of their guests. After a lively cocktail hour, a sit-down dinner can bring down the momentum and cause a lull in the reception.


  • Buffet
    • A buffet is probably the more expensive option for serving food at a wedding reception. Because you can’t determine exactly how much food guests will eat, you could end up overestimating and buying more food than actually needed. Lines are another factor to consider when choosing a buffet-style reception; you want to avoid long lines forming around the food. It’s important to strategize where buffet stations will be set up because a smaller venue space can get cramped quickly.


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Do you already know what type of food you want to be catered at your wedding? How will it be serves? If you are conflicted, we have just the advice you need. We are here to help! You can count on our wedding catering Miami. At MG Weddings, we are a Miami wedding caterer who knows precisely what you need to make the special day one you will never forget. Call or contact us today for more information. We offer the best catering Miami.