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Weddings can be some of the most stressful experiences for many, and hiring wedding vendors is one of the hardest decisions among them all. Luckily, MG Weddings is a full-service wedding planning company able to take control of all the challenges in wedding venues so you don’t have to and also provides catering with our Miami wedding caterer. We have all the answers to your biggest wedding vendor-based questions.


All Your Questions Answered

Are you curious about aspects of hiring a wedding vendor? Look no further. We at SG Weddings have you covered:

  • How Can We Monitor Our Planner’s Spending?
    • The best thing to do is communicate with your planner before they begin and ask about their estimated hours. If there are tasks that you or your friends and family are willing to do as well, you can take work off your planner’s hands and save money.
  • How Can We Lay Down Ground Rules?
    • Absolutely get everything under contract. Beyond that, it’s important to maintain clear communication and transparency, and plan out the amount of meetings you feel works best.
  • How Do We Share Concerns With Our Vendor?
    • Be as clear as possible when explaining the experience you’re looking to have. If mockups don’t turn out the way you want, be honest, but also be polite. Vendors want to make you happy, but they can’t if you don’t tell them when something’s wrong.
  • Can We Tell Our DJ What To Play?
    • Again, it’s all about being clear and honest with the band or DJ at your venue. Also again, be respectful and tactful about it as well. 


More Questions for Wedding Vendors

  • What Are Tipping Rules?
    • It’s a good idea and a king gesture to tip anyone at the venue where you feel it’s appropriate. That being said, there’s no set amount to tipping at a venue like you would at a restaurant, just do what you think is best.
  • What Other Ways Can We Thank Our Vendor Besides Tipping?
    • Vendors are passionate about making your wedding experience as happy and memorable as possible, and it brings them joy to know this. Whether a card or something more extravagant, anything showcasing your happiness and gratitude goes a long way.
  • What Should We Do If The Wedding Album Costs Too Much?
    • There’s always the option to wait to purchase the album. It’s a significant keepsake for many people, so the investment can be worthwhile, but if you are on a tight budget, the best thing to do is communicate with your photographer about your interest while also being transparent about your budget.
  • Who’s In Control Of The Vendor At The Wedding?
    • You can be in control of the vendor during the event; however, this can become stressful quickly. This isn’t ideal for a couple enjoying their wedding, therefore we recommend hiring a day-of coordinator who can manage the event for you.
  • How Do Vendors Take Breaks?
    • This is another thing that a day-of coordinator can manage for you if you can budget them into your wedding. Otherwise, communicate with the staff ahead of time and plan accordingly.
  • What If I Don’t Like The Makeup Trial?
    • Once again, just be honest with your makeup artist in a polite and constructive way. Share how you feel with them and help them understand how they can better help you.
  • How Many Bartenders Should Be Hired?
    • This can ultimately depends on what kind of bar service you’re looking for; however, it’s best to talk about this with your caterer. Also, you’ll likely want to communicate with them about hiring bussing staff as well.
  • Do We Have To Invite The Officiant To The Reception?
    • There’s no requirement to invite an officiant whom you’re not acquainted with. If they are a friend of family member; however, that may be expected. 
  • What If We Don’t Like The Décor?
    • Be honest with your venue and see if there’s a fee for removing their décor for you to bring your own. If you don’t have the budget for this in the event it does have a fee, or it’s not possible to remove the décor, consider camouflaging it with flowers and linens.
  • How Do We Communicate A Dress Code To Our Vendor?
    • With Vendors, many may operate behind the scenes. If they will be guest facing, simply communicate your dress code directly. Photographers, however, may need to dress more casually if you have a more formal wedding dress code, as they’ll need more mobility and comfort for taking photos.
  • Can We Hire A Friend?
    • Hiring friends and family to be your vendor is always an option; however, it’s very important to treat this just as professionally as you would with a vendor you aren’t acquainted with. Do not assume their services will be free. Overworking your friends can lead to conflict in the long run, which is never ideal.
  • What Do We Do If Communicating With Our Vendor Isn’t Going Well?
    • Planning a wedding requires a lot of effort and communication from both you and the vendor. Be clear with one another about how to communicate during the planning and the event, and bring up problems that arise as quickly as possible politely.
  • Should We Feed Our Vendor?
    • Absolutely. A wedding can easily take half the day, and anyone working for longer than four hours should be fed, so working meal breaks into the budget is a top priority. A well-fed staff will be full of energy and more capable of providing the highest quality experience possible.


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